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We will have one sensational camera and many amazing microphones to bring you amazing coverage of all the bands performing in the Concert Hall! Unfortunately, this stream will often be set on an unattended wide shot. If anything seems broken, email awesome@brassbanned.com

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TimeBand NumberBand NameConductorSection
9:30am1The Knox Grammar School Symphonic Wind EnsembleJames BriceJunior B Concert
 2Arden Anglican School Symphonic Wind EnsembleMatthew GatelyJunior B Concert
 1Monte Sant' Angelo Concert BandCatherine WalmsleyJunior D Concert
 2Northholm Grammar School Concert BandTim FerrierJunior D Concert
 3The Knox Grammar School Year 7 Wind BandJames BriceJunior D Concert
 1Northern Youth Symphonic WindMatthew WalmsleyJunior A Concert
Not before 1:30pm1Northern Beaches Christian School Wind OrchestraPhilip ReesJunior C Concert
 2Killara High School Concert Band 2Sophie BromleyJunior C Concert
 3Northholm Grammar School Symphonic Wind EnsembleTim FerrierJunior C Concert
 4Monte Sant' Angelo Wind EnsembleCatherine WalmsleyJunior C Concert
 5St Ives High School Concert BandKimberley LovellJunior C Concert
 7Arden Anglican School Concert BandMatthew GatelyJunior C Concert
 8NSYO WindsTim FerrierJunior C Concert
 9PULSE Public Schools Concert BandCraig McGownJunior C Concert
 10Hills Community Concert BandDr Steve ClarkJunior C Concert
 6The Knox Grammar School Concert BandGeoff PowerJunior C Concert